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Vluff stands for Vlogs and Stuff. With over 50 Vluff categories you can discover new YouTubers or YouTube oldies that you just haven't heard of yet. Search for whatever categories interest you.

Suggest YouTubers

There are millions of YouTubers out there so we've probably missed some. Suggest a YouTuber who you think deserves a place in Vluff or even suggest a Category you'll like us to add.

Start a Discussion

Build your profile and start a discussion about your favorite channel or just chat with the Vluff community.

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What is Vluff?

Vluff stands for vlogs and stuff and allows you to use our categories to discover new or just new to you YouTube stars.

Where can I download the app?

Vluff is a completely free download and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Why Vluff? Where did the idea come from?

We love Vlogs, Tutorials, Meet and Greets, Pranks, Challenges and everything inbetween. So we created an app where you can find all of these categories and easily discover new YouTubers.

How do I discover new YouTubers?

Find them by using the search bar or the Categories tab in the Menu or on the homepage.

I'm a vlogger and can't find my channel on Vluff?

Simply press the ‘Plus’ sign on the top right hand corner of the app, tell us your channel name and we'll do the rest.

I want to suggest a Vlogger.

If we've missed one of your fave vloggers from Vluff, press the ‘Plus’ sign tell us their channel name and we'll do the rest.