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So they think they can sing!

Should Vloggers really make music videos? Today we are looking at the most popular YouTubers turned singer, rapper or music video dancer. We’ve listed our eight faves but there are loads more out there. Do you think these guys should stick to Vlogging or make the career switch? Wassabi and LaurDIY This veteran couple have been ...

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Who Rocked it at Coachella?

No more FOMO For all of you who were getting fomo #fearofmissingout from Coachella at the weekend, let’s stop and appreciate the number of YouTubers that attended this year. Who went? We had a few newbies that we are already loving and some of our iconic faves, including Jackie Aina and Sierra Furtado. So let’s get ...

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Jake Paul ‘lies’ about meeting Donald Trump!

Jake Paul has recently posted a video showing angled clips of him “supposedly” in a meeting with Donald Trump. Although, there are definitely similarities between the US president and the man in Jake’s house we had our doubts. Fake vs Real YouTuber iNabber compares the real Donald Trump with Jake Paul’s fake Donald Trump and claims ...

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The Dolan Twins are taking a break!

Dolan twins have been one of the most popular twins on YouTube for years. However, last week they announced that they are taking some time to ‘figure things out’. Why are they leaving? The brothers have said that they are losing their passion for YouTube and creating videos is starting to feel a little bit like ...

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Streamer Ninja uses the ‘N-word’

 Ninja is facing huge backlash after singing along to Drake songs and strangely adding the n-word to parts he didn’t know the lyrics to. This is becoming a similar story among gamers live streaming. PewDiePie also used this word in a gaming livestream last year. A fan recorded the video here NINJA JUST SAID THE N ...

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Have you joined the latest YouTube challenge yet? YouTubers have been pulling together in support of Leukemia. College students and best friends Chris Betancourt and Dillon Hill created the challenge hoping to raise awareness for bone marrow donation. What is the challenge? Biting lemons for the #LemonsForLeukemia challenge. Their challenge has gone viral and was ...


Vlogger News Weekly RoundUp – March 4, 2018

Vluff’s Weekly RoundUp This week has been full of vlogger milestones, and vlogger mysteries. Let’s take a look at the three best bits from last week. Mr Emoji Fresh aka TGE TV has hit 100k sub! Congratulations to Mr Emoji Fresh aka TGE TV on reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube. TGE is a car vlogger ...

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Intruder shot in YouTubers Meg Turney and Gavin Free house!

On January 26, one Christopher Giles drove eleven hours from New Mexico to Austin, Texas, in order to break into the couple’s house around 3:40 a.m. The intruder was armed and presumed to have broken into the house with the intention of killing Mr. Free and possibly Ms. Turney. Why did this happen? It’s believed that ...

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YouTube Red may be in a country near you soon!

YouTube Red launched in late 2015 and has only been available in five countries, but this is all about to change! What is YouTube Red? YouTube Red is a subsription service provided by YouTube where you get to watch exclsuive series from your fave youtubers for $9.99 a month. What countries is it currently in? Australia ...


VidCon 2018 Vlogger LineUp

It’s one of the biggest vlogger events of the year and this year it doesn’t disappoint. Over three days in June, this years vidcon has more vloggers than ever before. What is VidCon? VidCon is an event and experience for those who work in online video and those who love it. Made for both the creators ...


The Saccone-Joly Family pregnancy announcement

One of our fave family vloggers have annouced their pregnancy joy. Anna and Jonathon Saccone-Joly posted a YouTube video yesterday annoucing the happy news of a fourth member to their family(they currently have two girls and one boy). They both said that they’ve always wanted to add to their brood but never expected it to ...

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Hobbie Stuart’s twins lie

Singer and YouTuber Hobbie Stuart has found out his twins never existed! Loveable YouTuber Hobbie Stuart has spent the last nine months living a lie. After having a brief relationship with a woman that hasn’t been named. Hobbie found out that she was pregnant. Although, they were not together they agreed to bring the baby ...

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