About Vluff

Vluff stands for Vlogs and Stuff

We love Vlogs, Tutorials, Pranks, Challenges and everything in between. So we’ve created an app with over 50 Vluff categories where you can discover new faves or YouTube oldies that you just haven’t heard of yet. Whether it’s vlogs about fashion, games, relationships or religion, use the categories to find the types of YouTubers you could watch again and again.

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Vluff stands for Vlogs and Stuff. With over 50 Vluff categories you can discover new YouTubers or YouTube oldies that you just haven’t heard of yet. Search for whatever categories interest you.

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There are millions of YouTubers out there so we’ve probably missed some. Suggest a YouTuber who you think deserves a place in Vluff or even suggest a Category you’ll like us to add.

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Who’s the best gamer? Who has the coolest room hauls? I’m looking for a male beauty vlogger? These are just some of the question the Vluff family has asked. Join the conversation.

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Build your profile and start a discussion about your favorite channel or just chat with the Vluff community.



What is Vluff?

Vluff is the place for Vlog fans to discover Vloggers and for Vloggers to get recognised and closer to their fans.

Why did you call it Vluff?

Vluff stands for Vlogs and stuff, and that’s what we’re all about. We love Vlogs and everything relating to them. This is for a community of people that feel the same.

Where can I download the app?

Vluff is a completely free download available from the Google Play Store and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Who is behind vluff?

Vluff was founded by Luke and Jess, from product and dev backgrounds working for giants such as News Corp, Discovery and American Express to startups such as YouView. We decided to focus on Jess’s overzealous passion of YouTube and Vlogger lifestyle videos. Creating Vluff a family outside of YouTube.

When did Vluff launch?

Vluff went live in beta in 2017 we use this time to gain as much feedback as possible and shape the app that you see today. We officially launched across iOS and Android in February 2018.

Is Vluff Funded?

No, we are currently bootstrapping and have been from the very beginning!

Does Vluff have inapp purchases?

Yes it does, vloggers are able to feature their claimed channels, videos, products and services. This is how we are able to keep the lights on.

Can I place an ad or sponsorship with Vluff?

Yes, our unique categories give great opportunity to target specific audiences. Some of our categories include, Male beauty, Tech, Alternative vloggers and Family vlogs.

Is Vluff open to collaborations?

We love working with like minded brands or influencers, if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at hello@vluff.com.

Can i write for Vluff?

We love it when Vlog or Vluff fans want to write for us. Get the exposure your writing deserves by featuring your vlog posts on our homepage, simply email us at hello@vluff.com

Can I write about vluff?

Yes sure! You can download our media kit here, we’d love to see your article, email us a link so we can read and add your website to our page.

 I have a question that isn’t here?

No problem, you can email us at hello@vluff.com and let us know what’s up.