10 YouTubers now on your TV screen (L’oreal Beauty Campaign)

You might have seen an advert on your TV recently that feels familiar. That’s because L’Oréal have stepped out of their comfort zone and instead of using the usual perfectly plucked models, they’ve used YouTubers. Let’s take a look at the 10 YouTubers they chose to represent them.

1. ThePlastic Boy

YouTube followers: 10.5k — Vluff category: Men’s beauty

Gary Thompson has loved makeup since he was a kid and L’oreal clearly appreciates and respect that. Gary has been posting videos since 2010 and despite receiving some negativity he keeps on going. His videos include ‘My Non surgical Nose Job with Skin and Follicle’, ‘The Best facial for glowing skin’ and ‘My luxury haul’.


2. Kaushal Beauty

YouTuber followers: 1.6 million — Vluff category: Beauty

Kaushal has been vlogging since university and has amassed a following of 1.6million. She talks all about how to look beautiful from, makeup to hair to GRWM’s to Vlogs there’s no surprise Kaushal has over 1 million followers. Her latest videos include ‘Coachella + LA Vlog 2017’, ‘Beauty Favourites’ and ‘Date Day + Night get ready with me’.



YouTuber followers: 188k — Vluff category: Beauty

Jordan is the ultimate beauty YouTuber with over 200 makeup tutorials. She’s recently revealed her first book ‘My beautiful struggle’ which tells the story of her journey after her being in an accident that left her paralysed. She’s a true inspiration to tell her story and help others who may have experienced something similar or anything that has changed their life.



YouTuber followers: 628k — Vluff category: Girly lifestyle chats

Although, Emily has only just turned 20 (take a look at her ‘What I got for my 20th’ post) she’s been posting videos longer than most, in fact she has the same title posts for her 17th, 18th and 19th birthday. Emily is a Fashion and Beauty youtuber with an equally successful Vlog channel. Althogh she does do tutorials and Hauls, she’s also your personal tester, she tries out loads of random things so you don’t have to! Some of her video titles include: ‘Testing out Primark £10 straightners’, ‘ YouTube made me but it! Over hyped Products!’ and ‘H&M beauty haul’.



YouTuber followers: 377k — Vluff category: Girly lifestyle chats

Amena is a yummy mummy, with two beautiful kids and a great husband. She used to suffer with skin outbreaks like most of us, but she’s turned that all around with new skincare routines. She posts videos like ‘My foundation story’, ‘Ramadam 2016 + bloopers’ and ‘Tutorials of my Hoojab style’.


6. Frogirlginny

YouTuber followers: 44k — Vluff category: Hair

Fro girl Ginny is all about the hair, she has beautiful, big and bouncy curls, who doesn’t want that? She posts videos like ‘How to get big hair’ to ‘Curly girl tags’ and uses her hair to breakdown barriers for women.



YouTube followers: 4.6million — Vluff category: Guy’s lifestyle vids

Marcus is a YouTube oldie part of the Zoella pack, he’s a big joker he recently dyde his hair peroxide blonde and has a stunning model girlfriend. His usual video titles include ‘The gross challenge’, ‘Ed Sheeran challenge’, and ‘Reacting to proposals gone wrong’.



YouTuber followers: 12k — Vluff category: Fitness

AJ is all about her fitness, keeping healthy and looking good. She’s recently run the London Marathon and her latest video is all about her Top 5 tips for beginners. She posts videos like ‘5 minute Abs workout’ and ‘What I eat in a day to lose fat & tone up’.


YouTube followers: 751k — Vluff category: Fashion

Victoria is a fashion guru. She rarely seen without her perfectly dyed ombre lilac hair and often takes you on holiday with her including what she wore. Some of her recent videos include ‘High-end highstreet Haul and try on’, ‘Chatty hungover makeup routine’ and ‘Asos haul, unboxing and try on for fashion week.


10. Grace for victory

YouTube followers: 216k — Vluff category: Self help

She was given the nickname ‘The Internet’s big sister’ and we can’t agree more. Grace is one of the most real, open, vloggers on the web. She post weekly vlogs, and discusses social issues such as sex, mental health, self love & other social issues. Some of her video titles include ‘My experience on the pill’, ‘I went back to my ex’ and ‘Meet my therapist. Eating disorder chat’.


11. Lydia Elise Millen

YouTube followers: 430k — Vluff category: Girly lifestyle chats

Whilst writing this I realised I missed Lydia off the list, not sure how as she’s one of my personal faves. She’s all about fashion, beauty and just feeling good. Her in-home videos make you want to redocrate your whole room and copy her style, she’s a perfectionist so everything she films looks perfect. Some of her most popular titles include ‘My healthy morning routine + workout’, ‘The boyfriend tag’, and ‘Fall Lookbook 2016’.


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