6 Funny Vloggers recently added to Vluff

At Vluff we’re always adding to our channel category lists. Today we’ve added six YouTubers who we think are hilarious. Whether they’re doing pranks on their siblings, challenges with friends or creating a whole new persona for us to laugh at we think these YouTubers are some of the funniest. Take a look at the six below:

Mikey Pearce

YouTube followers: 361k — Vluff category: Funny Vids

Mikey is part of the Connor and Jack Maynor gang and will often do pranks and challenges. He’s pretty new to the business and in his first video claimed that he was tired of being a YouTube extra in his friends videos. He’s absolutely hilarious and never takes himself too seriously. His titles include; ‘Our naughtiest stories’, ‘Am I a good date’, and ‘I crashed my dad’s car prank’.

Casey Barker

YouTube followers: 147k — Vluff category: Funny Vids
Casey is a UK based prankster, challenger and football fan. He has a YouTuber sister, Saffron Barker, who he teams up with and loves to prank and challenge. He’s recently announced he’s expecting a baby with his beautiful girlfriend who he often challenges so watch this space to see how that could change things. ‘His titles include ‘Reacting to birth videos with my pregnant girlfriend’, ‘Girlfriend vs Sister’, and ‘Prank calling schools’.

Michael Dapaah

YouTube followers: 15k — Vluff category: Funny Vids
London born Michael is comedian with multiple personas. He’s created a YouTube series following the lives of his personas living in London; Patrick (Community support officer), Dr. Ofori (Counsellor & Uber driver) and MC Quakez (Rapper/Poet). It’s absolutely hilarious, a must watch.


YouTube followers: 197k — Vluff category: Funny Vids
British identical twins Niki and Sami have a funny relationship where they argue all the time but do everything together, which makes for pretty funny videos. They’re titles include ‘Exposing and Roasting rude YouTubers we’ve met’, ‘How I lost my nipples’, and ‘Do Twins feel each other’s pain’.


YouTube followers: 692k — Vluff category: Funny Vids
American funny girl Nanalew is a YouTube vet with nearly 10 years worth of videos. She often does collabs with YouTube friends such as Amazing Phil and Sara Dietschy. Some of her titles include, ‘Dear guy at the drive-thru’, ‘More thoughts from the bath’, and ‘Yoga for Psychopaths’.

Sebastian Gomez

YouTube followers: 25k — Vluff category: Funny Vids
Sebastian is on vlog 147, we love that he’s consistently numbered his vlogs. He’s an adrenaline junkie, prankster and challenge addict. Unlike a lot of other funny vloggers, Sebastian normally takes you on outdoors and his pranks/challenges involve skiing, sky diving or some sort of adventurous activity. Great if you want a fun rush. His titles include ‘Got shot on the back’, ‘Got chased by a stalker’, and ‘Most insane Toboggan ride in the world’.

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