Caspar Lee opens up

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how YouTubers should and shouldn’t use their power. For example, they should post awesome videos everyday but they shouldn’t create overpriced merch that their fans may or may not be able to afford but will use their last penny trying to buy anyway.

What the Video here

Fans, the media, fellow smaller YouTubers and some parents feel that sometimes YouTubers are exploiting their fans by encuraging them to spend loads of money on overpriced merchandise, e.g. Zoella’s “£50 calendar”. Caspar Lee opens up and explains that we should encourage YouTubers to try new things and new opportunities. He goes on to say he’s sure that if most of us had these opportunities we would take them too. He also explains that what we don’t see is all of the good by the scenes work that YouTuebrs do, e.g. giving people jobs by creating books that need to be manufactured in a factory, or investing their own money into charities and giving donations etc.

What do you guys think, have your say?!

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