Chase the Trend

Follow the crowd, get the crowd

Copying a trending or popular video might sound a bit fake but it’s actually just giving subs what they love. In the world of YouTube there are loads of common videos that most YouTubers, whatever category they are in, will do.

I’m going to list a few, see if you recognise any of these:
1. My boyfriend does my makeup
2. My morning routine
3. Reacting to …
5. Spicy Ramen Challenge
6. My Girlfriend picks my outfit
7. Snapchat Q&As

And the list goes on. Have you ever wondered why all YouTubers do these videos at least once in their timeline? It’s because subs love them and usually type these keywords to find them.

So what are you waiting for? Create videos using treding topics, titles or keywords and more people are likely to find them. Don’t forget to put the keywords in the upload and add the title text on your thumbnail, just so subs won’t miss it!

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