Hobbie Stuart’s twins lie

Singer and YouTuber Hobbie Stuart has found out his twins never existed!

Loveable YouTuber Hobbie Stuart has spent the last nine months living a lie. After having a brief relationship with a woman that hasn’t been named. Hobbie found out that she was pregnant. Although, they were not together they agreed to bring the baby up together as friends.

Hobbie explains in the video that everything began smoothly with the pregnancy, but the woman slowly began to do things that were a bit odd. She never let him go to any of the scans with her, constantly getting dates mixed up. After one of the scans the woman called Hobbie and told him that they were actually expecting twins. Hobbie explains that this was a huge surprise but began getting excited and started preparing for the arrivals.

Hobbie also said that the woman avoided him ever going to her house, she rarely met up with himalthough, was happy to speak on the phone all the time. One day when they were out at lunch with his family, she asked Hobbie’s sister to stop looking at her belly as it made her uncomfortable.

On the day before the labour the woman told Hobbie to come to the hospital the following afternoon. Hobbie called the next day and the woman did not answer, so he went to the hospital to wait for the birth. The woman wasn’t there and continued to not answer her phone.

After days of getting the police involved and filing a missing persons report. Hobbie asked his friend to go round to the womans dad’s house to check that everything was ok. It was here that they would find out that the woman was not and had never been pregnant and that these allegation where a shock to the parents.

Hobbie is obviously devestated but said that he has made the video to hopefully help the woman get the help she needed.

So how did Hobbie get the scan photos?

Apparantly after doing a google image search, Hobbie’s friend found the exact same scan photos on an American woman’s flickr account.

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