How to go from 0 to 5,000 subscribers on YouTube (Part 1 — The first steps)

With hundreds of vloggers now surpassing 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and most of those making way over $3k a month. The appeal to become a vlogger is growing more and more.

But how easy is it to get there?
On Vluff we have over 200+ YouTube subscribers with under 5,000 subscribers, some have been consistently sharing videos for over two years and still can’t surpass the big 5,000, it really isn’t as easy as it may look. Being successful on YouTube comes down to; your determination, your genuine passion, your creativity, editing skills and your time spent developing those skills and your channel, like any job or project. Here’s some tips that we think can help get to that 1k mark and beyond.

What’s your channel name?
It might seem like just another mandatory step to setup your account but your channel name is the first thing a potential user will see. It also could be the bait that gets them to click on your channel over thousands of others. Make it short, snappy, relevant or fun.

Who is your audience and why do they want to watch you?
When starting a channel it’s important to have a focus. As a creator, many users will want to understand what your channel is all about and why they should watch you. If your channel covers beauty, fashion and comedy for example, a user may fail to connect with you because your focus is too broad. Starting off focusing on one allows you to connect with audiences interested in that topic, and as you grow you can expand.

Why did or are you starting a channel?
What’s the reason behind your channel, are you doing it because you have a passion you would like to share, do you want to be internet famous, or do you just want to make a quick buck. We would usually recommend starting your channel because you want to share something that you’re good at or passion about. This isn’t necessary a guaranteed way to get subs, however, to complete some of the below steps it will be really hard if you are not passionate about your channel and if you do not find it fun. For example, many successful YouTubers post videos at the very minimum once a week and we’ve found that it’s key to be consistent to be successful. If you are not passionate about your content you will find it very hard to create it consistently.

As mentioned above consistency is key when it comes to YouTube success. YouTube fans often feel connected to YouTubers and once they find a YouTuber that they enjoy, they look forward to seeing new content frequently. If you don’t meet your fans expectations in terms of regular content, especially when your fans are fairly new, they will often be left disappointed and will find a new YouTuber to follow. Remember they have less loyalty towards your channel as they are new.

Set times and dates
As mentioned above YouTube fans often look forward to new content. Rather than hoping your fans will continuously check your channel for updates or sign up for notifications, it can help if you set firm dates and times each week when you will upload new content. You should make this clear on your profile page. That way fans can look forward to your content like they do their favorite TV show.

Do you have a target/aim?
Have you ever heard the saying ‘Speaking things into existence’? Setting yourself an aim or a sub target can really help you achieve it. This is because once you set yourself an aim or a subscriber target and say it out loud, it’s harder to avoid an impossible to forget. You therefore, are more determined to continue working hard to complete the target. Without a target, you’re unable to really understand your progress as you haven’t set out where you want to or should be.

“Speak what you seek, until you see what you’ve said”

Be social!
Finally, when you first start your YouTube career you are at your most accessible to your fans. Even if you only have a few hundred subscribers, some of these will be true fans and will want to reach out to you. The best way to speak to fans is by being social. Vluff is a great place to talk to fans. Your Vluff profile will have it’s own discussion board where your fans can start a conversation with yourself, another fan or the entire Vluff community. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all great places to interact with fans and let them know what you get up to during your week. Replying to comments is also very important to show your fans you care about their opinions, whether it’s on your YouTube channel, Vluff or other social medias. You will find many of your subs discovered your channel via one of these social platforms.

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