Jack Maynard Forced To Leave “I’m A Celebrity” and his fans are outraged!

We only introduced Jack on the blog two days ago and we’re already having to mention him again.

On Tuesday Jack was released from the jungle due to prehistoric inappropriate tweets, which include racism and homophobia. As Jack didn’t have access to his phone or any communication with the outside world, he was unable to defend himself and ultimiely had to leave the Jungle and fly back to the U.K.

It’s now been explained that Jack faces fresh claims that he sent pestering messages to a teenage girl about pictures of her in a bra — and called her an ‘ugly freak’ when she refused to send them. We believe this may be the ultimate reason Jack left the jungle and didn’t return.

Jack Maynard’s agent has now released an official statement:

“In the last few days Jack Maynard has been the subject of a succession of media stories which, given his position as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, filmed in the Australian jungle, with no contact with the outside world, he has been unable to respond to. Since it is only fair that everyone should be aware of any allegations made against them and should have the right to defend themselves, it was agreed that it would be better to bring him out of the show. Jack agrees with this decision which was made by his representatives and ITV and thanks everyone who has supported him in the show this far.”

The tweets, which were all shared between 2011–13 (when Jack was a teenager), include homophobic, ableist and racist slurs. In one, he replies to a follower with “damn n****r be jealous of my brains,” while he refers to someone as a “retarded f*g” in another.

YouTubers Backing Jack

Since the news broke of Jack leaving the camp, a rally of YouTubers have been supporting Jack here’s what they’ve said: