So they think they can sing!

Should Vloggers really make music videos?

Today we are looking at the most popular YouTubers turned singer, rapper or music video dancer. We’ve listed our eight faves but there are loads more out there. Do you think these guys should stick to Vlogging or make the career switch?

Wassabi and LaurDIY

This veteran couple have been collabing since last year and their videos are getting better and better. We’re still not sure if they’re the next Rihanna and Drake, check out their latest video!

Jake Paul

We’re not surprised Jake considers himself as the next big rapper! He’s been making music videos for a while and even had Gucci Mane in his video. He often raps with his entire Team 10 squad. His big bro Logan also makes music videos but we couldn’t include both in one list!


British YouTuber KSI has been making music videos for years, with one of his first tracks hitting over 90 million views, famously titled Lamborghini. He normally raps about his cars and fancy lifestyle. Have a look at one of his latest.

Rice Gum and Alissa Violet

This is a fairly new collab between Team 10’s rivals the Faze Clan. It’s actually a dis tape to Jake Paul and his Team 10 mates and speaks about Jake cheating on Alissa and why he will regret it. It’s hit over 100 million views so who are we to say if it’s good or not.Take a listen to it!

Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie is our loveable YouTuber, who often creates challenges, chit chats and cute boyfriend vids. Her music video Out Loud is a bit of a sad song compared to her normal YouTube videos, with quite a lot of auto tube, let us know what you think?

Queen Naija

Queen has been making cute couple YouTube videos with her boyfriend Chris Sails for years but when they split up last year she made this video Medicine to tell her fans what really caused the break up and how she’s getting her own back. We really like this one, have a listen!

The Ace Family

The Ace Family have the most adorable family YouTube videos with their daughter. Their song You’re my Ace, however, doesn’t include their little one and is more of a love song between Mommy and Daddy. Take a look.

Domo Wilson

Last but not least Domo has also been making music videos for a while usually including her beautiful girlfriend Chrissy. She’s even made a Domo Wilson Music channel so we can see she is taking it seriously. Take a look at one of our faves from her.

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