So who is Jack Maynard?

This week Jack Maynard entered the Celebrity Jungle down under and if you’re not quite sure who he is yet, keep reading you may be surprised.

I’m going to start with the obvious, he’s the little brother of UK singer songwriter Conor Maynard, who you may remember for his hit Turn around featuring Ne-Yo

He’s also started a comedy/parody band with his brother called Goat, where they make music videos that joke about typical scenarios like being a wing-man and buying a first car.

Jack is also a successful YouTuber in his own right, he has over a million subscribers and is in the ‘Funny vids’ category in Vluff. His videos normally include his brother Conor, Mikey Pearce, Caspar Lee, Josh Pieters and Joe Suggs.

We’re all rooting for him in the Vluff house, let’s see how far he gets!

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