The Best YouTubers of 2017: 25k to 50k Subs

Hello Batty

Category: Alternative Vlogs, Subs: 49k

Hello Batty is our favorite magical vlogger. Forget Vlogmas, she celebrates 31 days of Halloween. Kat loves goth fashion and hair, so watch out for her hauls and hairstyles vlogs. Kat even has her own merch including cool bat chokers.


Category: Cars, Subs: 49k

Amrit is your ultimate car vlogger, he test drives and finds all of the fastest, newest, coolest cars. So what are we really talking about here. Ok in just his latest five videos, he’s test drove the new Porshe Panamera, the new BMW X3 M40i, and the Mercedes Mayback S 650, Audi A8. Not to mention some videos dedicated just to the sound of the engine. Check him out.

melissa alexandria — need to move her to vegan or minimalist vlogs

Jessica Valant Pilates

Category: Fitness, Subs: 46k

Jessica is your exercise guru. She’s currently pregnant and takes you on her IVF journey. Most of Jessica’s workouts only include a mat, so you don’t need much to follow along with her. Some of Jessica’s workouts include, 5 minute triceps, 5 minute inner thigh workout and hip pain exercises.

iam chouquette

Category: Fashion, Subs: 29k

Bags, Bags, Shoes, Bags, Clothes and erm more bags. Claire is the YouTube queen of luxury fashion. She has a wardrobe that would make VB jealous including 45 designer handbags and she’s super honest and upfront about it. Claire will often take you shopping with her or do a luxury fashion haul. She also has an hilarious husband called Paris who she often drags around the shops with her. If you love fashion

Jen Campbell

Category: Book Vlogs, Subs: 34k

Vluff isn’t only about fashion and car Vloggers, next up we have Jen part of a Book Vloggers. Jen isn’t only a book fanatic she’s an award winning author too. Every month she has a book haul and goes through her favorite books. She also post consistently every week, that’s one of the reasons we love her.

Rawfully Wholesome

Category: Vegan, Subs: 34k

Bec is your ultimate holistic vegan. She’s been a vegan for over seven years and even her children are vegans. Follow her on her journey and find out what she and her family eat in a day and also everyday family life vlogs

Joanna Simon

Category: LGBT, Subs: 36k

Joanna only started her channel last year and already has gained 36k followers. Her videos include her coming out story and relationship videos. She even discusses her anxiety. Joanna’s channel is open and honest so check it out.

Holly Vlogs

Category: Budget, Subs: 31k

If you love a bargain or are looking for a bargain Holly is your girl. She’s got all the best deals covered and gives tips on how to shop for bargains with and without the kids, coupons and more. Take a look for yourself

Alice Thorpe

Category: Uni Life, Subs: 30k

Alice is the ultimate uni life vlogger. As she enters her third and final year she has all of your uni needs covered. From what she eats in a day to her student house tour to dealing with anxiety and imperfections Alice can help any YouTuber get through the fun times and the hard. If you’re just starting uni or just love everyday life vloggers check out Alice’s channel.

Bilal and Mima

Category: Couples, Subs: 29k

Bilal and Mima are one of our fave couples. Instead of Vlogmas these guys did a series of Ramadan vlogs. Bilal and Mima show us a little bit of everything, from challenges, to moving house to being in the hospital, they let us see a little piece of every part of their live and we love watching! Hope you guys do too!

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