The Best YouTubers of 2017: 50k to 100k Subs

Welcome to Vluff’s first ever countdown. We’re going to look over the last year at who we consider the best YouTubers of their category with less than 100k subs.

Here’s our top 10 YouTubers, Lets go:

wδy δwδy

Category: Travel, Subs: 53k

Josh and Ashley are a couple from america they’re self proclaimed ‘US unofficial travel ambassadors and quit their job last year to travel. In one year they visited 24 countries after setting goal to see 12. They’ve been touring europe for the last six months but before that were in places like Mexico and Cuba. These guys only reached 50k this month so first of all congrats to them. Their channel has been growing at an incredible rate, they were only on 25k subs 5 months. They post about 4 times a week and they’re in another country every week. If you want travel inspiration this is the place to go. They also do livestreams every two weeks where you can ask them literally any question you want.

Ibz Mo

Category: Uni life, Subs: 54k

You guys might already no but we have a soft spot for Ibz Mo here at Vluff. We’ve watched him since he really got into vlogging just over a year ago now, and his channel just keeps on growing. Ibz is currently in his last year at Cambridge university and most of his vlogs are based around uni life, what it’s like being an ethnic minority at a top uni and also how he breaks barriers for others around him. Ibz has such a busy schedule but still manages to attend workshops or setup days where he motivates young students thinking about going to uni. On top of all of this he is hilarious and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Ibz is in his last year of uni so we’ll have to think of a new category for him soon, why not help us decide?

Mackenzie child

Category: Tech, Subs: 53k

Vluff is all about celebrating all sorts of vloggers, that’s why we’re bringing you Mackenzie Child. Mackenzie is a designer who shares his illustrations with his fans, how he creates them and also his journey to learning how to code. He started his channel 3 years ago, setting himself the challenge to build 12 web apps in 12 weeks. He’s really wacky and does cool giveaways too, go and check him out.

The Goblin Queen

Category: Alternative vlogs, Subs: 58k

If you guys like Alternative than it doens’t get more altrnative than ‘The Goblin Queen’. She calls her fans little bat bugs and often has a background that looks like it should be in a movie set. She tells spooky stories of paranormal activty, does goth hairstyles and scary unboxings. She posts at least twice a week so if you want to get your spook go over to her channel.

Use less

Category: Minimalist vlogs, Subs: 61k

Use less literally does what it says on the tin. Signe is a minimalist vlogger from Denmark who shows how you can use less, re-use more and also spend less. She’s a fashion designer and is all about creating a fashion brand or mentality that really is sustainable. Whether that’s buying things second or making them yourself, Signe motivates to keep things to a minimum. If you need to declutter your life check out her channe..

Najma M

Category: Chit Chats and challenges, Subs: 58k

Najma is our storytime queen. She’s opinionated, funny, and really real. If you like a long rant, then watch Najma. She shares her life troubles with you in full details from finding a job, to guys, religion, to her younger sister getting married and being jealous, Najma is absolutely hilarious.

Tia Ward

Category: Girly lifestyle, Subs: 61k

Tia interrupted and disrupted the YouTube space when she started her ‘Friends in the Benz’ Relationship series this year. She would sit her friends in the car and talk to them about their past or current relationship struggles. She started the series with her own real and candid talk about why her 5 year relationship didn’t work and then she moved on to interviewing her friends. She even got two of her friends who were exs to talk about what went wrong and they both openly discussed cheating and heartbreak. Tia hasn’t posted in a few months but we still think she deserves a seat on the 2017 hall of fame.


Category: Religion, Subs: 67k

Sebinaah is a fashion, beauty and makeup lover, she often does a high-street haul or shows of her beauty tips. She is also a muslim and will often include a hijab tutorial, or an Eid lookbook. Her husband is also hilarious and may care about looking good more than Sebinaah, so watch out for him in her vlogs!


Category: LGBT, Subs: 71k

Olivere is a university student who often post uni updates, he also talks about his sexuality, coming out to his friends and family and relationship in general. Like most YouTubers he’s really open and after watching just video, you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. If you want to follow a youtuber on their journey in relationships and life, check out this channel.


Cagegory: Couples, Subs: 71k

If you love a challenge or a prank, JojoHD is the channel to watch. He often does challenges or pranks on his girlfriend. He sometimes sits down and talks about funny things with his fans. He’ll also do storytimes like how he and his girlfriend met.

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