Top 10 Vlog Channels started in 2017 (Newbies)

Top 10 Vlog Channels started in 2017 (Newbies)

We’re nearly halfway through 2017 and if you haven’t refreshed your YouTube sub-lists you’re going to now. It’s ok to watch you golden oldies but make some extra time for some newbies because you can never have too many channels to watch — let’s see what we have here:

1. Dano Moore
Ireland born California living. Dano set up his channel because he’s moving to LA for the summer to work in a bike shop for three months. And he doesn’t want to forget a moment of it, or you!

What to expect:
Daily vlogs around Dublin and his college until he makes the move to the big LA. Fitness and muscle building.

Joined: Mar 2017, Country: Ireland, Subs: 1,076

2. Josie-Lynn Lloyd
After having a video go viral of the aftermath of her wisdom tooth taken out back in 2010 college student Josie-Lynn has decided to start her own channel. Josie-Lynn creates this as her outlet where she plans to bring some authenticity to the internet.

What to expect:
NO to Vlogs, life, real struggles, marriage and med school

Joined: Mar 2017, Country: US, Subs: 6k

3. Kevin Durant
is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. And no we haven’t made a mistake he’s just started a YouTube channel. He wants to show us a different side of him and his life off the court. We’re not big ballers here at Vluff but the channel looks pretty c00l. Looking forward to following him on his journey.

What to expect:
Cars, cribs, family and friends

Joined: April 2017, Country: US, Subs: 116,837

4. Bella Lucia
Bella is a big youtube fan girl who’s decided after a couple years of waiting to start her own channel. She’s currently studying towards her A-levels at an all girls school and is going to use her channel to get away from it all.

What to expect?
Fashion, beauty and school tips.

Joined: Jan 2017, Country: England, Subs: 194

5. Shrinksdom
Krishan or Krish started his channel in Dec 2016 so just before 2017 but we liked it so we’ve added him anyway. Krish isn’t your typical YouTuber he’s a psychology undergrad and wants to talk about all he’s learning on his channel.

What to expect:
Self-help, self-love and self-belief but in a fun and relatable way. Let’s see if Krish can keep us on our toes

Joined: Dec 2016, Country: Netherlands, Subs: 7,665

6. Kehinde Smith
First off Kehinde has the most adorable dog, who wouldn’t keep quiet until he got into the vlog (awh). OK back to her channel, she’s gorgeous check her out!

What to expect:
Hair, makeup, skincare, food and relationships and she’s already posted two videos on the first points.

Joined: Jan 2017, Country: Nigeria, Subs: 7,543

7. Chelseaeileenxo
Chelsea is a lifestyle coach and has 10k subscribers on instagram so decided to build her following out on YouTube.

What to expect:
In her intro video, she says she’ll cover the whole spectrum from beauty to life hacks to Pinterest fails and successes. Can’t wait!

Joined: April 2017, Country: US, Subs: 81

8. Sandy’s Fresh Fit Life
Sandy has been on the road to health and fitness for a while now and has started to get loads of question on how she looks so good, so she decided in 2017 to start her own YouTube Channel.

What to expect?
Everything to keep you looking and feeling good: Health, fitness, nutrition, workouts, meal preps, weight loss, grocery hauls. She’ll also share her makeup and skincare secrets. Sandy’s also married with a beautiful son so expect some pranks on them

Joined: April 2017, Country: US, Subs: 81

9. Kristen Mandala
Kristen graduate who loves gardening and growing her own veggies, she’s a recent vegan convert. She loves travelling particularly around South America

What to expect:
Journey to raw veganism, gardening and travelling.

Joined: Dec 2016, Country: Canada, Toronto, Subs: 219

10. Juhimydraofficial
Juhimydrao started her channel to share her love of arts and crafts, she seems like a real house goddess so check her videos out, if that’s your thing!

What to expect:
DIY, Cleaning hacks, room decor, gardening, art tutorials, space organising and social experiments!

Joined: Apr 2017, Country: India, Subs: 134

11. Inna Moll
Just as I began wrapping this up, I found Inna, she started modelling at 15 and has been able to travel the world doing it. She’s from Chile and so her main language is Spanish but she’s doing her channels in English for everyone to understand. She’s moved to LA and she wants us to follow her on her journey trying to make it in the industry. I decided to add Inna as a last minute number 11 because I’ve never seen a newbie so consistent, she posts almost everyday and that’s how she’s amassed over 200k subs in just two months. Newbies or people wanting to start out watch and learn!

What to expect:
Fitness, health, fashion, and most excitedly model life

Joined: Feb 2017, Country: Chile, Subs: 202k

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