Top 10 YouTubers with their own Beauty Line

We’ve spoken about YouTubers with their own clothing lines, now we’re talking about Beauty Tubers with their own beauty line or beauty collaborations. We’ve listed our top 10 but we’re sure theres loads more. Let us know if we’ve missed anything?


We can’t think of anyone better for Maybelline to collaborate with than beauty YouTube guru Shayla Mitchell, aka MakeupShayla. This is Maybelline’s first partnership with a YouTuber and they’ve asked Shayla to to create the new City Mini palette, she’s also chosen three limited edition colors of its the amazing Colossal Big Shot Mascara. You can buy these in any major drugstores, it’s time to transfer your eyes with Shayla!

Subs: 450k

2. Zoella beauty

Since forging an incredible YouTube career for nearly a decade, Zoe Sugg turned to her first love of all things beauty and has been making beauty products for a few years now. From bathing to body care, to skin care to really cute makeup bags. You can now fill your room with Zoella Beauty to match any occassion. Products are affordable and can be bought at drugstores or online from stores such as Superdrug, Boots and Target.

Subs: 11 million

3. Patricia Bright — YHair

Another UK YouTube Veteran, Patricia has been reviewing beauty products, sharing beauty routines and tips for years, so it’s only right that she developed her own. Patricia’s hair is always slaying and she’s now letting everyone else know her secrets. She’s developed her own range of Hair Extensions called Yhair. There are loads of styles to choose from, whether you want to style it short, long, curly or dipped dyed, she’s created loads of different looks. Here’s the official website

Subs: 1.2 million

4. BH Cosmetics X Carli bybel eyeshadow

Carli designed her first makeup pallete with BH Cosmetics, including 14 colours of eyeshadows and highlighters. She swears by their products herself and has said she’s used them before she even started YouTube. The palette is affordable and can be used on any skin tone. She launched with them a few years ago but it’s still an awesome product. Take a look at her review.

Subs: 5.5 million

5. Anasazi of Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerrero glow kit

Nicole teamed up with Anasazie of Beverly to create her own glow kit. If you love the EXTREME metallic glow look this ones for you! The palette is a little more on the pricey side at approx $40 but unlike most palettes with only 4 options this one gives you 6! You can buy these from Sephora of course.

Subs 2.8 mil

6. Desi X Katy — Dose of colours collection

Talk about a super three way collaboration. Desi Perkins and Katy teamed up with Dose of Colors to create the ultimate. They’ve created a collection of 8 items including five lip products 2

highlighters and an eyeshadow palette. As they describe it themselves get the glossy look.

Joint subs of over 4 million.

7. Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette

Jaclyn is a beauty youtube legend and she’s been dreaming about bringing this palette to you for years. She’s teamed up with Morphe and It’s also a little pricier at $38 but for 35 shades we think it’s worth it! These colours are so creamy and dreamy for everyone, take a look at Jaclyn’s intro video.

Subs 4.4mil


We’ve got another three way collabo here but this time between two YouTubers. Jeffree Star has teamed up with Manny Mua to create gorgeous creamy highlighters. Lipsticks which they appropriately named Daddy. They’re friends first and now business partners, we think they make a great team.

Joint subsm 8.9 mill

9. Nikkie Tutorials X Ofra cosmetics

Nikkie is a obsessiveBeauty YouTuber, and she’s teamed up with Ofra to bring her very own favourite products to her fans. They’ve created three custom liquid lipstick shades and my highlight wheel called EVERGLOW all designed by Nikkie! If you know Nikkie, you know she’s all about the glow and her highlighter is definitely glowy. The best thing about the highlighters is you can blend them to match your skin tone and even use them as eyeshadows!


Here we don’t have just one or two Beauty YouTubers but Benefit has chosen 5 beauty gurus to be part of their Benefit Island Collection. They created limited edition versions of their best selling products. Buy Laura Lee, MannyMUA, Jeffree Star, Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, and Nicole Guerriero picks in cute special edition boxes with their faces on them.

The best thing about them is they’re affordable starting at $24!

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