Top 10 YouTubers with their own fashion brands (part 1)

A new kind of Fashion designer

2017 has seen more and more of our loveable vloggers use their platforms to create and sell their own clothing lines. Whether it’s partnering with brands or going it alone, who’s better placed to start a fashion line than YouTuber’s who are watched by thousands everyday.

Take a look at our pick of top YouTube Fashionistas

  1. Grace Fit UK (Vluff Category — Fitness)

Grace is all about looking good and keeping fit so it’s only right that she created a cute fitness brand. Not only are the clothes cute but her website is pretty good too and it has an “Asosy” look and feel. Some of the nicest clothes are often sold out but will happyily wait.

2. Carli Bybel (Vluff Category — Beauty)

Beauty perfectionist Carli Bybel has teamed up with none other than Miss Guided to create a body con collection from leggings to dresses. You can look good whilst being comfy in Carli’s relaxed pieces.

3. Samantha Maria and Jason Davis (Vluff Category — Couples)

Power couple Samantha Maria and Jason Davis have created the Novem & Knight collection. This isn’t your typical YouTube sensation turned fashion designer, these guys were made to do this. You can get your very own classic Sammy jumper or a sexy mini skirt. They even have a suave men’s section too, similar to Jason’s smart casual style.

4. Sprinkleofglitter (Vluff Category — Girly Lifestyle Chats)

Sprinkleofglitter aka Louise is a blog inspiration, she’s fun loving mum of one, besties with Zoella and has over 2 million subscribers she has a lot going for her. And now she’s teamed up with SimplyBe for a second time to create her own clothing line. From flowing dresses to denim jackets you can literally recreate your wardrobe with the collection. Good work guys.

5. Jasmine Brown (Vluff Category — Hair Tutorials)

Jasmine is normally all about her amazing hair and makeup, but she’s recently teamed up with Love Culture to create a casual but cool summer fashion collection.

6. Marzia (Vluff Category — Girly Lifestyle Chats)

With the most subscribers in this post, Marzia was probably the best placed to launch her own clothing line and she doesn’t disappoint. Cute turtle necks, midi skirts and chokers Marzia doesn’t have a huge collection but everything she has is amazing.

7. Connor Franta (Vluff Category — Guys Lifestyles Chats)

The only solo man on the list Connor has created a site to showcase his music, coffee mugs and clothing line. A bit of a YouTube oldies Connor knows what he’s doing, his line includes hats, tees and bomber jackets everything your average trendy guy needs.

8. Chinutay A. (Vluff Category — Makeup Tutorial)

Chinutay is quite new to the game but that hasn’t stop her amassing a huge following. Originally from Canada she made the move to the UK to be with her new husband and now she’s taking on something refreshingly different in the fashion world. Chinutay has created a hijab fashion line with hijabs in all styles and colours that will make any girl envious.

9. Arika Sato (Vluff Category — Beauty)

Arika Sato’s collection will help you sleep easy. Her range of silk robes are beautiful and sophisticated and aren’t to pricey. Normally specialising in makeup, lifestyle and fitness Arika wasn’t scared to leave her comfort zone to create this range.

10. Iam CHOUQUETTE (Vluff Category — Fashion)

At 10 we have something a little different. Claire aka Ian Chouquette named by her hilariously funny husband doesn’t yet have her own fashion line, however, she does have a pretty cool shop on her website with all of her favouite things her “wishlist” of clothes, shoes you name it. Although, we do hope that Claire does decide to launch her own line because we love her sense of style.

If we’ve missed anyone you love, or like us, know a YouTuber who you would love to start their own line, comment below.

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