Top 5 University Life YouTubers, UK (Part 1)

It’s those last crucial months at university, college and school, this is your chance to make the last few years count and get the grades you need. I’ve hand picked 5 current university vloggers, who can hopefully motivate, and help you get the grades, apply for the right courses and succeed in your interview. And just deal with all the stress that comes with being a student!

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  1. Ibz Mo — Cambridge university

YouTube followers: 23,797k — Vluff category: Uni Life

Ibz is funny, quirky and smart, he is all about making revision and uni life fun, he calls himself a ‘Bad bitch’ of Cambridge and isn’t scared to speak his mind. He recently created a new weekly segment called ‘ Spilling the tea on my degree’, he spills the beans on all the goss about his uni life and his uni, it’s epic and we’ll definitely be tuning in.

His top videos include ‘My Uni found my channel’, ‘University Q&A ft…’, and ‘Ultimate bad bitch A level advice+ revision tips (A*A*A*)’

2. Rosie Crawford — Oxford university

YouTube followers: 1,433k — Vluff category: Uni Life

Medicine undergraduate Rosie Crawford studies at Oxford University. She’s a vegan and started her channel vlogging about healthy vegan recipes. Rosie now shares candid Oxford interview and application tips and collaborates with other Oxford students to give an insight into their course and experience. Her titles include. ‘How to write the perfect essay’, ‘A day in the life of an Oxford university student’ and ‘Essay crises and Endless reading’

3. Nissy Tee — Cambridge University.

YouTube followers: 26,676k — Vluff category: Uni Life

Nissy is all about girl power and motivating girls to stay ahead of the game. She often does Uni vlogs so you can follow her life around Cambridge, she also provides revision tips, and motivational talks. Nissy’s videos include ‘Handing in my dissertation’, ‘How well do you know me challenge’ and ‘How to stay motivated and grow’.

4. Joe Binder — Cambridge

YouTube followers: 11,586k — Vluff category: Uni Life

Joe Binder is in his last year at Cambridge uni and with no intention of joining the typical corporate world, instead hoping to travel the world and continue YouTubing he’s a good guy to watch out for. His popular video titles include ‘How I deal with stress’, ‘Exam revision: My most important tip,’ and ‘2,000 Cambridge students gone wild.’

5. Alice Thorpe — Lincoln university

YouTube followers: 23,768k — Vluff category: Uni Life

Alice studies Media production at Lincoln university. As well as uni vlogs she often posts beauty and try on hauls. Alice created a weekly series called Real Wednesday where she films a video each week without editing, so if she burps, farts (her words) you’ll know. Alice’s videos include ‘Uni is stressful’, ’20 things uni taught me’ and ‘Bad flatmates, uni Q&A’.

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