VidCon 2018 Vlogger LineUp

It’s one of the biggest vlogger events of the year and this year it doesn’t disappoint. Over three days in June, this years vidcon has more vloggers than ever before.

What is VidCon?

VidCon is an event and experience for those who work in online video and those who love it. Made for both the creators and viewers of the online video industry, VidCon 2018 will again be a celebration of everything that makes this medium awesome, bringing together a global community that believes online video is the most important cultural force since the motion picture.

The long list of Vloggers starts here

Adam KovicAdelaine Morin

Aj Rafael (Ajrafael)

Akilah HughesAlex WassabiAlexis G. ZallAlisha MarieAlli

Amber (Ambers Closet)

Andrew HuangAnna Akana

Annie Segarra (Annie Elainey)

Anthony PadillaAphmauAri FitzAsh Hardell

Ashley Marie (Pinupdollashleymarie)

Ashly Perez

Autumn Farrell (Sugar Pine 7)

BeautybynenaBen J. Pierce

Benny Fine (Co-founder — Fbe)

Bill WurtzBoogie2988Briaandchrissy

Brooklyn & Bailey

Bruce Greene (Funhaus)

Burnie BurnsCasey NeistatChantel HoustonChase RossChristine SydelkoCibConan Gray

Corinne Leigh (Threadbanger)


Cristine (Simply Nailogical)

Curly Velasquez (The Curly V Show)

Damien Haas (Smosh Games)

DangmattsmithDarius BensonDavid Dobrik

De’arra & Ken (Dk4l)

Dean Dobbs (Jack And Dean)

DodieDomicsDomo And CrissyDylan MarronElijah Daniel

Elle Mills (Elleofthemills)

Elyse WillemsEric Ochoa

Ericka “Boze” Bozeman (Smosh Games)

F0xyFlula Borg

Franchesca Ramsey

Freddie WongGadiel Del Orbe

Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys)

Gigi GorgeousGrace HelbigHank GreenHannah HartHartbeatHasan Piker (Tyt)

Ian Hecox (Smosh)


Jack Conte (Pomplamoose, Patreon)

Jack Howard (Jack And Dean)

JaidenanimationsJames CharlesJames DeangelisJames WillemsJana VlogsJay Versace

Jenn Im (Clothes Encounters)

Jenn Mcallister (Jennxpenn)

Jenny Lorenzo

Jessica Mccabe (How To Adhd)

Joey GraceffaJohn GreenJojo SiwaJon Cozart

Jordan Maron (Captainsparklez)

Joshua “Jovenshire” Ovenshire (Smosh Games)

JouelzyJustine EzarikKarina GarciaKat BlaqueKati MortonKellie Sweet

Kelsey Darragh (Buzzfeed)

Kevin Lasean (Xpertthief)


Kristine & Matt (Family Fun Pack)

Kyle HanagamiLaura LeeLaurdiy

Lawrence Sonntag (Funhaus)

LdshadowladyLisa & Lena

Lolo (Sitting Pretty)

Luke KornsMacdoesitManny MuaMarcus Butler

Mari Takahashi (Smosh Games)


Matt Peake (Funhaus/rooster Teeth)

Matthew Patrick

Maya Murillo (Mayainthemoment)

Meg DeangelisMerrell TwinsMia Stammer

Michael Stevens (Vsauce)

Mikey MurphyMiles MckennaMiranda Sings

Miriam Nielsen (Zentouro)

Molly BurkeMylifeasevaNabela NoorNathan ZedPamela HortonPatrick StarrrPhilip DefrancoRachel Levin

Rafi Fine (Co-founder — Fbe)

Rebecca ZamoloRicky Dillon

Rob Czar (Threadbanger)

Rosanna PansinoRyan BergaraSafiya Nygaard

Sam Saffold (Supersamstuff)

Sarah Urist Green (The Art Assignment)

Sean Evans (First We Feast’s Hot Ones)

Shan BoodyShane MadejSmallishbeansStacyplaysStef Sanjati

Stephanie Frosch (Ellosteph)

Stephanie PatrickStevie BoebiSubhi TahaSwoozie

Taha Khan (Khanstopme)

Taylor Behnke (Itsradishtime)

The Chonga GirlsTheodd1soutThomas Sanders

Tiffany Herrera (Ihascupquake)

Tré MelvinTyler Oakley

Wes Johnson (Smosh Games)

Wheezy WaiterWilliam Osman

Zach Kornfeld (The Try Guys)

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