Vlogger Love — Ep.1

We’re trying something new at Vluff. This is the first in the series of ‘Vlogger Love’ stories. Where we discuss the newest vlog couples, the latest break-ups and the make-ups. It gets messy so read with caution!

Hen do’s

Lydia Millen

Lydia Millen is marrying her gorgeous husband Ali in a matter of weeks. Last weekend she had an amazing hen do, celebrating with her closest friends including her assistant Carrie and the hilariously beautiful Claire aka IAMCHOUQUETTE. We’re talking gin making, spa days, a whole lot of reminiscing all in a London mansions, check it out.

Lydia. — Didn’t your water break in those?

New Girlfriends


Is KSIs new girlfriend a unicorn? All we can say is Click bait or what? KSI’s video title was ‘Meet my new girlfriend’, however, don’t hold your breath guys, she wasn’t shown until the end and only in the form of a unicorn.

KSI . — Yes, I’m f***ing a unicorn!

Close calls

Daina and Ahmet

Not all is well in the Daina and Ahmet household, both posted separate videos last month explaining that Ahmet had done something to ruin their relationship (both videos have since been deleted!). Neither goes into too much detail but it sounds as though Ahmet has done something that he definitely shouldn’t be doing as a married man. Although, Daina seems distraught she did confirm that she is sticking with him and fighting to make it work! What did he do we wonder and who with???

Daina. — I’m not a quitter

Break ups

Nakita Johnson and Terroll Lewis

Nakita and Terroll had a whirlwind 18 month relationship full of filmed ‘Gratitude walks’, multiple public declarations of love and meeting the parents. Sadly their relationship came to an abrupt end in July, so why are we writing about this now? Both couples only posted their frosty responses to their break up last month and to say they now dislike each other might be an understatement…

Nakita — I feel that he needs help

Terroll — What did you do?


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