Vlogger News Weekly RoundUp – March 4, 2018

Vluff’s Weekly RoundUp

This week has been full of vlogger milestones, and vlogger mysteries. Let’s take a look at the three best bits from last week.

Mr Emoji Fresh aka TGE TV has hit 100k sub!

Congratulations to Mr Emoji Fresh aka TGE TV on reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube. TGE is a car vlogger from London and has only been vlogging since 2016 but has now reached the big milestone of 100k subs. If you want to see test drives of supercars around London then you need to check him out.

Lydia finally moves into her new home

Anyone who watches Lydia will know that she and Ali have been trying to buying her new house for months. Unfortunately, she’s experienced sellers pulling out at the last minutes and other complications. But Lydia is finally in her new house and it’s absolutely beautiful. Featuring a chandelier and hotel style bedroom, we couldn’t be more happy for Lydia and Ali.

Jake Paul And Erika Costell are taking a break!

Don’t panic they’re not taking a break from each other just from YouTube for a few days! As full-time daily vloggers a few days may not seem like a lot but to some of their loyal following is huge. They have stated exactly what the break is in aid of but apparently, it is for a good cause that requires 100% of their attention.

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