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When starting a channel most people google best vlogging cameras to use, best lightening techniques, best microphone for sound quality etc etc. You know who you are! I understand as content makers we are perfectionists and it’s hard to be basic. But we see people spend days, weeks and even months researching and buying equipment before they’ve even tested out how they feel in front of the camera, and whether they really enjoy making content.

Put content first, push out some videos and make sure this is something you love to do before investing all your time and money into equipment. Loads of successful vloggers use their phone and free apps to edit and make videos.

Here’s a list of some FREE basic stuff that can get you going on your way to views.

  1. Your Computer Camera or you mobile phone, technology is so advanced as long as your phone isn’t ancient it most likely has a quality camera.
  2. Use screen recoring progrmas like Camtasia (For Windows) and Screenflow (For Mac). These are great for gamers.
  3. Edit like a pro with MovieMaker (For Windows) and iMovie (For Mac).
  4. Find a tidy, quiet space, because no one wants to see your clothes on the floor or here you train outside your window.

That’s it for being basic, come back tomorrow for more tips.

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