YouTube Rewind 2017 is here!

Rewind is back and it’s bigger and better than ever. It had over 40 million views in a day it was number one trending on YouTube and of course alot of Vloggers.

What to expect

In YouTube style this year you can except more than ever, there’s vlogger beef, we’re talking Jake Paul vs Logan Paul vs Martinez Twinz. KSI throwing a huge train snowball over Alex Wasabi and DJs spinning fidget spinners on the decks.

What Vloggers should you look out for?

Here’s a list to name a few, Casey Nesiat, Marcu Butler, KSI, The Poppy, Comedy Shorts Gamer, Niki and Jamie, Wasabi Productions, Jake Pual, Logan Paul, Grace Helbig, Latoya Forever, Lisa Koshy, Laura DIY, Kellies sweet, Thatcherjoe, Alyssa forever, Josh Pieters, Ollie White, iJustine, Nikitutorial, Nark by nature, and Dina Tokio.

Who’s missing?

Whether PewDiePe will be included has been one of the main things spoken about in the lead up to Rewind. Will they, won’t they… Well we can finally reveal they won’t. Find out why below!

Watch it. now and join the 40 million other fans.

Watch PewDiePie’s response below.

Here’s last years for a little reminder!

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